Olinda: Sat 12th May Vintage Tea Cup Garden


Olinda: Sat 12th May Vintage Tea Cup Garden

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Saturday 12th May 2pm- 3.30pm

Make your mum her very own vintage tea cup garden! Held the day before Mother’s Day (yes dads you don’t have to run down to the shops to pick up new slippers!!)

Or even better mums, drop the kids with us for 1.5 hours, book yourself a massage at the local day spa, and still get a gift at the end!! Best Pre-Mother’s Day ever!

Disclaimer to mums: your little one may not make a garden as perfect as these Pinterest examples.. but at least you’ll have a pretty tea cup to drink from one day ; p

Places limited. Max 12 children. Under 4 an adult must stay with them. Over 4 will be supervised by professional teacher.

True Fairies HQ, Olinda

47 - 52 Olinda-Monbulk rd. Olinda

Look for the hidden purple door, behind Pie in the Sky, next to Mountain Of Sweets and the Pipal Tree